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Acknowledging the need for support can be tough. But imagine connecting with someone who sees your potential clearly, free from emotional bias. Someone who's been where you are and can offer proof of what's possible. This is a place where support meets possibility!

Hi, I'm Natalie. I imagined having a baby later in life would make me more prepared, more mature, more present, more understanding, more patient. . .in general a KICKASS SUPER MOM!


Surprise - it wasn't. . .but I am so grateful for every minute with her and everything she has taught me.


Once upon a time, I never saw myself as the married-with-kids type. I mean, kids are awesome, right? Their imaginations are like little fireworks! But the whole 24/7 responsibility thing? Not my jam.

Straight out of high school, I headed to NYC for college with dreams of Broadway. Musical theatre has always been my passion, from performing to teaching young and older students alike. But hey, let's get back on track! 🎭

I did a lot of theatre in and out of the city and scored a Broadway gig just shy of turning 30, and boy, was it a rush! But it was my one-woman show that truly filled me with joy—I♥️NYC 4EVER! 


Twists and Turns...

Years later, my wanderlust led me to the West Coast, where a friend's connections scored me gigs in a flash.

Surprise, surprise my ex-boyfriend, who held a special place in my heart, was transferred to the same show where I was temping. He was singing with Cirque du Soleil's VAREKAI at the time!

Plot twist: I was swept off my feet and joined him on tour. A year later, we said "I do" in lively Las Vegas, surrounded by friends and family from coast to coast.

Here's the kicker: I did want to experience motherhood...lo and behold, the first week we arrived in Sydney, Australia, I found out I was pregnant, and my little peanut stole my heart 9 months later....🤗🦄🌈🤭



Life took unexpected turns when Mabel turned six, marking the beginning of our transition away from tour life. While Mavis kept touring, Mabel and I tried to settle back in NYC. However, living in a cramped 650 square foot apartment with a small child and a puppy proved to be more challenging than I anticipated.

Too many variables...

So, we hit the road again with Mavis, exploring options for our family's future. Eventually, we landed in Ohio! Mabel started second grade, I got my first corporate job, and Mavis toured Europe again, returning home for brief breaks every few months.

"Skip ahead, skip ahead"...

Mavis retired from Cirque returning home and heading straight back to school to get his master's degree, Mabel was in a performing arts Jr. High, and I was working full time and teaching theatre on the weekends. 

During those eight years in Ohio, I squeezed in performances in two shows, taking on the roles of Ursula and Mama Rose with gratitude for the exhilarating experiences. One unforgettable highlight? Sharing the stage with Mabel in "Gypsy"—a cherished memory amidst our ever-evolving journey.

But as life would have matter how many times you change your life and where you are living it...the inside of you always lives rent free! 



It's been quite a journey, filled with a mix of highs and lows.

An update: Mabel is flourishing in a school that celebrates her artistic talents, while Mavis and I are embracing personal growth.

Approaching Mabel's 17th year, I'm filled with pride in my evolution as both a mother and an individual, though there are moments of reflection on past choices. Our family means the world to me.

No one warns you about the rollercoaster of emotions that come with navigating life's challenges, and success isn't always guaranteed.

Hitting rock bottom was a turning point. I realized I needed a new approach for myself, my daughter, and our family.

It hasn't been easy. I've stumbled along the way, but progress, no matter how small, has been worth it. Prioritizing my well-being and implementing new tools have made a world of difference.

I'm deeply grateful for this transformative journey and eager for continued growth. Pursuing a better version of myself each day brings more fulfillment than I ever imagined.

My focus now is on fostering greater fluidity and understanding within myself. Each day brings clarity and a renewed sense of JOY and purpose. 😊💪♥️

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