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Your Favorite Self!

Get ready for a journey of curiosity with your present self – no judgment, just excitement!


Picture this: we're diving into uncharted territories, creating a map for your extraordinary future.


Together, we'll unearth some fascinating insights about yourself, turning the adventure of self-discovery into a wild ride of curiosity.


Forget strict goals; we're all about crafting personalized milestones that match your strengths and dreams, making progress an exhilarating quest.

Imagine a playful curiosity session with your current self, where confidence blossoms naturally, setting you on a path of self-exploration to BECOMING (your absolute) FAVORITE SELF!


Ready for a journey to unlock the extraordinary within? 

  • ​​Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions where YOU are the center of attention. 
  • Need advice at 3 AM when the world is catching Zs? No problem! Text coaching is here with a 24-hour turnaround. Because sometimes we just need to chat about it?
  • Weekly instructional videos paired with accompanying worksheets – an invaluable tool to guide you seamlessly week to week. These pre-recorded sessions foster continuous progress on your journey. Embrace the momentum and let the content propel you towards the ultimate goal:  BECOMING YOUR FAVORITE SELF.
  • Join me on this 12-week transformative journey. Become your best self NOW! Seize this opportunity and let's make it happen together – no more delays, no more excuses.

It's never too late to pursue dreams; armed with reflection, courage, and determination, you can overcome obstacles and strive for the life YOUR FAVORITE SELF desires.

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