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I'm always seeking to understand things logically. When my dad shared a poem with me during a critical time, I kept going back to it without really getting its message. It wasn't until I faced the struggles of raising my daughter that it finally clicked. Like a flickering lightbulb, I'd think I got it, then lose it again and again, just like in the poem! 🙄 

Creating change isn't easy, but it's worth it. I really wanted to change, in fact, I needed to. I wanted my life as an individual, a mom, and a partner to align more with my ideal vision. I'm not perfect, but I'm much closer to where I want to be, and I'm always excited for what lies ahead.

One big lesson I've learned is simply allowing myself to be present with my daughter, without judging myself, has been incredibly transformative.

I used to rush around aimlessly, trying to fit us into some perfect image of family life. It caused me pain, and even more pain for them.

On my journey to where I am now, that poem has been like a guide. Each part of it has resonated with me at different times. And you know what? With each step, I learn more about myself and how I work. I think it's making me a better human, mom, partner, and coach.

The original poem that inspired me is 'Autobiography in Five Short Chapters' by Portia Nelson. I've adapted it to reflect my journey, and I'd love to share it with you. Let me know what you think!

Chapter One: The Abyss of MomRage 

As you stroll down the familiar street of motherhood, your little one in tow, you suddenly stumble into a gaping hole in the sidewalk. Lost and helpless, you blame the chaos of motherhood as you struggle to escape this unexpected pitfall. 

Chapter Two: The Cycle Continues 

Day after Day, you find yourself on the same street, facing the same hole once more. Despite knowing it's there, you feign ignorance, falling into it again. MomRage boils within as you grapple with the never-ending struggle to climb out.

Chapter Three: REGROUP 

But then, something shifts. You spot the hole ahead and recognize the pattern. Instead of succumbing to frustration, you pause to REGROUP. Taking a moment to gather your thoughts, you reassess your approach and prepare to face the challenge with renewed determination.

Chapter Four: ACKNOWLEDGE 

As you confront the gaping hole once more, you ACKNOWLEDGE the role you play in this cycle. No longer blaming external circumstances, you take ownership of your actions and emotions, ready to confront them head-on. 

Chapter Five: GROUND

With newfound clarity and self-awareness, you GROUND yourself in the present moment. Steadfast and resilient, you anchor yourself in the strength of your convictions, refusing to be shaken by adversity. 

Chapter Six: EMPOWER 

Armed with courage and confidence, you EMPOWER yourself to take control of your journey. No longer confined by fear or doubt, you step forward with purpose, ready to embrace the challenges of MomRage and emerge stronger than ever before.

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